We Say NO! is an eSports team based in Sri Lanka, consisting of Sathan, AB , Beaver, Nightblade and Spades. Individually, these members have achieved gold in various local tournaments throughout the years. However, Internationally, they come together as a team and achieved great things.

Now they have began their search for gold in Asia Pacific and bring pride to their country by winning the Predator League Sri Lanka Qualifiers.

    Recent Achievements: ​ ​
  • Gold at RLG Dota 2 Championship 2017
  • Gold at ROG Masters 2017 Sri Lanka Qualifier
  • Gold SLT eSports Championship 2017 ​
  • 3rd South Asia Double Damage 2015
  • Qualify for LAN Malaysia finals in South Asia ROG Masters 2016 ​
  • 5th-6th in South Asia ROG Masters 2017

Show your support for We Say NO using the #APACPredatorLeague hashtag!