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Predator League returns in-person this year to Singapore featuring game titles such as Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), the highly popular battle royale FPS game by PUBG Corp, and Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2) by Valve. 

8 teams for DOTA2 will fight on at Campus Legends @ *Scape on 7 Aug while final 16 teams for PUBG will compete online on 10 Sep to unveil the eventual winning teams, who will represent Singapore and head on to Tokyo in the Asia Pacific Predator League 2022 Grand Finals on 11 - 13 November.

SGD 18,000 prize pool (cash + gaming products) will be up for grabs to only the best of the best PUBG squads and Dota 2 teams in Singapore. The Predator League 2022 Finals commands a grand total of USD 400,000 prize pool (combined)!

Register now and claim your right to glory in the Predator League 2022.

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