About Predator League
Predator League is held by Acer yearly to reinforce the commitment of Predator brand in supporting the gaming industry in the world and in Asia Pacific region in particular. As a gamer you need to be ruthless and obsessed with winning, like a Predator ready to attack its prey.

Predator is the brand with the most complete gaming devices line ranging from laptop, desktop, monitor, tablet & projector and Predator series offers the latest technology in gaming, made especially to enhance the gaming experience of any hardcore gamer.

In 2018, Asia Pacific witnessed the crowning of a new e-sport champion as eight countries competed in DOTA2 to be the best of them all. From the highs to the lows, APAC Predator League 2018 delivered all the excitement of high level gaming with Malaysia's Geek Fam beating Indonesia's BOOM.ID in the final to become champions of Predator League.
Predator 2019 Pan Asia Pacific Tournament
From September through December in 2018, Predator League 2019 will roll through the Pan Asia Pacific in two phases. In 2019 the cross-continent tournament will include more than 10 countries, bringing top-tier talent in PUBG and Dota 2. The tournament will also feature offline & online events to determine the best teams.

The best teams will split the grand prize pool between them – Total of $400,000.

13 open territory qualifiers kicking off in September 2018 for Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Australia, India, Macau, Hong Kong for PUBG.

9 open territory qualifiers kicking off in September 2018 for Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Myanmar, Mongolia and Sri Lanka for Dota2.

The grand final will come in Feb 2019: the best of the best PUBG and Dota 2 teams ing head to head at the Grand Finals in Bangkok. There will be 16 teams participating in PUBG and 10 teams participating in Dota 2 to fight for the Predator Shield.

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PUBG PREDATOR LEAGUE 2019 Official Rules


There will be 16 team and will competition 15 times for get the winner for Asia Pacific Predator league 2019.

Play mode

PUBG PREDATOR LEAGUE 2019 games runs only with FPP mode, and 1 day match consists of 5 rounds.

Round Mode Map

Blue Zone

Phase Delay(s) Wait(s) Move(s) DPS Shrink Spread Land Ratio
PHASE 1 90 180 270 0.6 0.4 0.5 0
PHASE 2 0 90 120 0.8 0.55 0.56 0
PHASE 3 0 60 120 1 0.6 0.56 0
PHASE 4 0 60 180 3 0.6 0.56 1
PHASE 5 0 50 120 5 0.65 0.56 0
PHASE 6 0 50 120 8 0.65 0.56 0
PHASE 7 0 50 90 10 0.65 0.56 0
PHASE 8 0 50 60 14 0.7 0.56 1
PHASE 9 0 10 160 18 0.001 10 0

Drop Table

Fixed Vehicle Spawn



Point Matrix

The Point Matrix of ROUND POINT is as follows

Placement Points
1 10
2 6
3 5
4 4
5 3
6 2
7 1
8 1
9-16 0
Kill Point
1 1

In the event that ROUND POINT is same after all 15 rounds are over, the final ranking shall be determinded in order of the conditions described hereforth.

  1. The team with the highest total kill points
  2. The team with the highest kill points at the last (15th) round
  3. The team with the highest ranking at the last (15th) round

Player equipment

  • The host shall provide the following equipment to the participating players and the players shall only use the equipment provided by the host.

-PC / monitor / headset / table / chair / voice chatting program

- All equipment provided by the host shall be chosen based on the sole decision made by the operators.

- The player may use the equipment of their own choice for the equipment listed below. Provided that, the player cannot prepare his/her own equipment, he/she may use equipment provided by the operators, however, all problems occurring from the use of such equipment shall be the responsibility of the player or the team.

- keyboard, mouse, wrist rest, mouse pad, earphones, external sound card

- Any keyboards or mice with macro features or those with separately set convenience features may not be used. Includes both software and hardware macro (onboard macro) features.

- The use of equipment that is deemed to provide unfair benefits, threat the security of the game or thwart normal proceeding of the game may be restricted according to the judgment of the host.

- The features and performance of personally-owned equipment may be tested by the host on a random-selection basis. All players must follow the directions of the host in such situation.

- In the event that the equipment in use fails due to technical problems and it is impossible to proceed with the game the player may be allowed to change the equipment change according to the judgment of the host. Provided that, problems that have occurred in the game in the wake of the equipment exchange (getting shot, getting killed etc.) shall be the sole responsibility of the player and no separate compensation shall be made.

Set-up time

For smooth operation of the game, set-up time is allowed for each player for the first day before the start of the first game. The player may use this time to do the following. All players must prepare themselves in the seat designated by the operators.

- Checking all PC equipment provided by the host

- Personal equipment set-up such as keyboard, headset, mouse etc.

- Checking the voice chatting system

- In-game set-up

- Other in-game preparations

- The referee shall check whether all the players have completed set-up 5 minutes before the start of the game. Any equipment or set-up issues that occur after this time shall be imputed to the player.

- All players bear the responsibility to notify any problem in the set-up or preparation process to the referee.

- Following the game start time

If all preparation is complete within the set-up time and unless otherwise notified by the host, the game shall begin on the scheduled time. Except for extraordinary situations, breaks between rounds shall not exceed 10minutes.

- If an issue should be raised, the referee may delay the starting time based on reasonable judgement.

- All players have the obligation to be seated before the starting time and any problems that occur due to the failure to be seated shall be imputed to the player of the team.

- If a player fails to be seated before the game starting time, the team may proceed with the game with a 3-member team. Provided that, if more than 2 players fail to arrive, the game of the said round shall be forfeited.

Player attire

- Every player shall wear the team uniform for the official games and official activities related to the game. The team may not don attire that may harm the pubic, offend the traditional custom. In addition, attire inappropriate for broadcasting, pajamas or slippers shall be restricted as they may detriment the dignity of the professional player.

- In the event that a team does not have a uniform, the members shall don a uniform provided by the host.

Program usage

- All players are allowed to use only the program provided by the host and may not install programs for the personal reasons. (list up all necessary programs by each player / during rehearsal)

- The player may not install or run programs other than the programs provided and approved by “PUBG” and the host via the PC for the games. Programs include not only downloadable programs but also SNS, community, email, messenger programs etc.

Permitted belongings

- Players may not carry mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices within the play zone. The host may collect the electronic devices from the players before the game when necessary and shall return the devices after the end of the game.

- No food can be carried or eaten during the play zone. Provided that, drinks in containers designated by the host or drinks with caps may be permitted, in which case, the product label must be removed.

- Players may not smoke or engage in conducts that may disturb the game inside the gaming area.* In the event that a player must smoke or want to make a special request, he/she may do so after obtaining a permission from the operator or referee beforehand.

Player code of conduct

All players participating in Predator League 2019 shall refrain from the conducts described below..

In the event that these rules are violated or players engage in behavior that was not discussed with the host beforehand or unprofessional behavior may result in penalty, according to the judgement of the host.

According to the level of conduct and frequency, the penalty could be increased and the penalty classification is as follows.

Levels of penalty


Referees may give a penalty.


Referees may give ‘caution’ penalties and 2 ‘guidance’ penalties will make a ‘warning’ penalty. When a ‘warning’ penalty is issued, the previous ‘caution’ penalties shall not be accumulated.


The referees may impose warning points, and according to the behavior classification, 50 Predator League 2019 points could be deducted as maximum penalty.

Forfeiture of the round

The referees may forfeit the round, and according to the behavior classification, a certain round could be forfeited as maximum penalty.

Forfeiture of the day’s game

The referees may forfeit the day’s game according to the behavior classification and the day’s game could be forfeited as maximum penalty.

Forfeiture of the Predator League 2019 games

The referees may forfeit the Predator League 2019 according to the behavior classification and the Predator League 2019 games could be forfeited as maximum penalty.

Suspension of participation in PUBG games

The referees may impose suspension of participation of PUBG games, ans according to the behavior classification, the player or teams may be subject to restriction on participating in all future ‘PUBG’ e Sports games.

Types of penalty

Compliance of rules

All participating teams and players have the obligation to understand the Predator League 2019 rules in advance and comply with them.

Compliance of schedule

Team and players must follow all Predator League 2019 related schedules and also abide by the schedule notified by the operator or the ‘host’ for smooth operation.


Preparation for game

Players may not leave the game area from the game starting time until the completion time including the game preparation time without permission. In an inevitable situation, the player may leave with prior approval from the referee but in the event that the player cannot return to the game area by the due time, the team may finish the game as a 3-person team. Provided that, the game of the day shall be forfeited if the game is played by a team with less than 3 players.

Following the referee orders

- The referee has the absolute right to make reasonable decisions and judgements on all matters related to the game, in and outside of the game.

- All players must follow the order of the referee and may not slander, derogate or humiliate the referee. In the event that such conduct take place, the player can be subject to a maximum penalty of ‘forfeiture of the day’ game’.

The following conducts are considered ungentlemanly and unprofessional and they shall be applied not only to the gaming hours but also non-gaming hours.

Ungentlemanly conduct

- Unsound behaviour or speech

Behaviour or sppech that openly threats, blackmails or humiliates the counterpart

- Discrimination Behavior that humiliates the personality of an individual of group or the race, nation, society or race thereof. Any behavior or speech that contain political or religious derogatory message

- Violence and crime Violent behavior, sexual harassment or other offensive behavior or illegal actions

- Other conducts deemed unsound by the operators.

Unprofessional conduct

- Use of illegal programs Using unauthorized illegal progams such as cheat

- Use of unauthorized programs Use of software macro or hardware macro (onboard macro) that may afect the game of provide unfair benefit

- Substite player Playing with another person’s account for monetary or equivalent compensation (abusing, boosting etc. included)

- Game fixing Intentionally manipulating result of the games or conspiring in the manipulation

- Cheating Improving perfomance through specific actions that are not related to the player’s ability

- Eye map/ear map etc. Improving performance by looking at screens or obtaining information

- A team member (player) watching a broadcasted game

- Using unpermitted programs during the game

- Exchanging profit under mutual consent

- Other behavior that could be deemed as cheating


- More than 2 persons including a player, coaching staff, secretariat staff or other disturbing or violating a fair game

- Disadvantaging a third party through collusion or conspiracy

- Splitting prize money, sharing financial benefit or receiving similar rewards through conspiracy or collusion

- Other behavior that disturbs fair competition

- Contacting unpermitted players (tampering)

Directly contacting players of other teams through of the secretariat, coaching staff and players for discussion of transfer of a player, contract cancellation etc.

- Use of electronic devices Affecting the game by use of electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablet and other devices

- Temporary suspension Intentional suspension of game or behavior that disturbs the continuation of the game

- Disruption of the game Intentional suspension of the game, failure to return to the gaming seat, failure to be seated, act of disturbance, failure to follow orders and other behavior that interrupt the general proceedings of the game

- Restrictions on the game

If an account cannot be used due to penalties received during Predator League 2019(warning, temporary/permanent restriction), the player may receive additional penalty based on reason and level of penalty.

- Other unfair conduct according to the operators’ judgement


Teams(players) shall not engage in any actions or speech that derogate, slander or defame PUBG, Predator League 2019, the host, broadcaster, operators and referees in any way. This clause shall remain effective even after the end of the team (player)’s participation in the ‘league’.


The teams (players) shall not disclose confidential information related to the games, obtained from the operators.

Summary of penalty 

Type Description Penalty level
Unsound behavior Openly threating, blackmailing, humiliating others through speech Forfeiture of day’s game max
Discrimination Slandering personality of an individual based on race, nationality, society, gender. Actions that are politically or religiously derogatory Forfeiture of Predator League 2019 max
Violation and crime Violent behavior, sexual harassment, other illegal acts under the ROK law that could offend others Forfeiture of Predator League 2019 max
Use of illegal programs Creation/distribution of an illegal, unpermitted program Suspension from participating in PUBG games Max
Use of an illegal, unpermitted program 
Intentional use of a known bug
Use of unpermitted program Use of macro programs that may affect the game of provide unfair benefits Suspension from participating in PUBG games Max
Substitute player Organizing, promoting proxy games with or without monetary reward Forfeiture of games Max
Using other person’s account for monetary or equivalent reward (abusing, boosting etc. included), lending one’s own account, buying/selling accounts
Game fixing Game fixing with or without monetary compensation Suspension from participating in PUBG games Max
Participating in/spectating conspiracy
Gambling Organizing gambling in association with Predator League 2019 or participating in such action Suspension from participating in PUBG games Max
Cheating Improving one’s performance through a certain action that is not related to his/her capability Forfeiture of games Max
Conspiring Where more than two persons including players, coaching staff, secretariat and third party are involved in collusion to disturb fair competition or exchanging money or equivalent means. Forfeiture of games Max
Contacting unauthorized players Directly contacting players in other teams via the secretariat, coaching staff, players and relevant parties for the discussion of transfer or contract cancellation Forfeiture of games Max
Disturbing games Intentional suspension or interruption of game, not following orders for preparation and other actions that disturb the proceeding of the games Forfeiture of day’s game Max
Defamation Behavior or speech that slanders or derogates PUBG Co., Ltd, Predator League 2019 host broadcaster, operators, referees and other relevant parties Forfeiture of games Max
Confidentiality Disclosing confidential information on the participation and operation of Predator League 2019 Suspension from participating in PUBG games Max
Unapproved profit-seeking activities Profit-seeking activities that have not obtained prior consent using PUBG IP Forfeiture of games Max
Unapproved activities Participating in activities that have not obtained prior consent (competition, event, promotional activities etc.) Forfeiture of games Max
Others Other unsound, unfair behavior based on the judgement of the operators Operators’ prerogative


Rights of the operators

Application and interpretation of rules

These rules shall be applied to all teams (companies), secretariat, coaching staff, players and relevant parties and matters that are not stipulated in the rules shall be determined based on rational judgement of the host. In addition, all participating teams and players shall duly follow the rules and follow the judgement of the host.

Judgement and final decision

The host must use the official rules to make fair and rational decisions on all matters related to the ‘league’, in and outside of the game.

Change of rules

These rules are subject to change at any time for modification or supplementation in order to maintain the fairness and truthfullness of the ‘league’. The host is responsible for notifying the participating teams of the changes beforehand in the earliest time possible

Any misinterpretation of the rules may be corrected and any additional rules may be added immediately.

League records

The host has the right to collet, fabricate and use all ‘league’ score data and records.

Team identity

The host may use the team name, logo as well as the image of the players and nicknames in Predator League 2019 promotional activities for a smoother operation of Predator League 2019.

Player Eligibility

You must meet the following requirements.
- All players participating in DotA2 competitions must enter their game account.
- You must be a registered player on the Predator League website URL: WWW.PREDATOR-LEAGUE.COM
- You must have an active DotA2 account in good standing and link it to your profile.
- Steam accounts of all members.
- Primary nicknames of all members.
- Nationality of all members.
- Identity of the captain and optionally of the manager.
- Clean logo (100x100 px or bigger).
If you do not meet these requirements, you will be deemed ineligible.


A total of 10 teams will take part in this tournament.
Each team consists of 5 players and 1 stand-in player but cannot be an existing player in the tournament. (Even if that player was eliminated in an earlier stage)
In case that a team member cannot join the Asia Pacific Predator League 2019 in Bangkok. The Team can change member maximum of 2 players and inform your ACER region.

General Dota 2 Tournament Rules

General Tournament Rules

1.1. Players must obey the Dota 2 User Agreement.

1.2. Players and teams should set official player and team names in the game client.

1.3. All players are not allowed to broadcast the games they are playing.

1.4. All players should be officially registered for the team they are representing.

1.5. Players are forbidden to leave the playing area without administrator’s permission until the end of a match.

1.6. After the start of a match, only players, administration and staff, approved by organizers, are allowed to stay in the playing area. Only one Dota 2 managers or coach is allowed only during the draft stages.

1.7. Players have to hand over to admin all their pads, phones and other electronic devices until the match is over.

1.8. Only hand-written or printed notes/stats are allowed. Using any electronic versions is prohibited.

1.9. Players have to wear tournament headphones provided by admin during the matches on-stage.

1.10. During the matches, players have to keep the stage tables clean from food, drinks, trash, etc.

1.11. Downloading of any 3rd party application files that may affect the gameplay of Dota 2 is strictly prohibited without authorization of an admin. Players can only launch Steam, DOTA 2, and peripheral drivers on tournament computers. No config of any sort may be added into the game before the start of a match.

1.12. All players have to wear team uniform(Optional) during the games. For bottom,only long pants. For shoes, sandals or slippers are not allowed. General appearance of a player must be decent (no hotel bathrobes, masks, etc.).

1.13. Being under alcohol/drug influence during media and tournament days is strictly prohibited. Players caught in such state won’t be allowed to play their matches, teams will be disqualified and won’t have any prize money paid.

1.14. The following is a nonexhaustive list of restricted sponsors:

— Non-"over-the-counter" drugs

— Firearms, handguns, ammunition providers

— Pornographic imagery or products

— Tobacco products

  1. Refereeing and controversial situations.

2.1 Schedule and refereeing for every single match is done by the match admin. The admin will make decisions according to these Regulations and inform teams. In extraordinary situations or in situations which are not described here, the main admin will be the one to make a decision.

2.2 From teams’ sides, only the captain, coach, manager, or team owner may communicate about any issues or controversial situations.

— Protests have to be filled within 15 minutes after the match finish, otherwise they can't be used to influence the result.

2.3 Decisions about the controversial situations can only be made by the Main Admin.

2.4 Admins’ decisions are ultimate and are not open to discussion.

2.5 If two teams played a match and no protests are filed in the succeeding 15 minutes, it cannot be replayed under any circumstances.

  1. Disciplinary punishments and fines.

3.1 For breaking the rules of these Regulations there are disciplinary punishments and fines.

3.2 Being late for 20 minutes — Default loss in this certain game.

— Being late for 5 minutes — warning + LVL1 draft penalty

— Being late for 10 minutes — warning + LVL2 draft penalty

— Being late for 15 minutes — warning + LVL3 draft penalty

3.3 Breaks for participants between maps during whole event are 5 minutes maximum, teams have to be ready to start the draft by that time.

3.4 Players, coaches, managers or any other team representatives are prohibited to make bets (using real or virtual money, even Dota 2 items or any other game skins). — Default loss and disqualification.

3.5 Sabotaging the match, unauthorized quit. — Default loss and disqualification.

3.6 Insulting opponents, provocation

— Warning

 — Repeating the offense - Default loss.

3.7 Insulting administration — Default loss.

3.8 Using side programs affecting game process — Default loss and disqualification.

3.9. Launching any applications on tournament computers apart from those mentioned in 1.11

 — Warning

 — Repeating the offense - Default loss.

If a punishment is not described in the ruleset, the main admin may use any sanction or fine, depending on the situation and the regulations.

Tournament Format

Register: 10 Teams
Format: 10 Team Double elimination match on Brackets (Best of 3) Remark:,They need to win 2 games instead of 3 to win the series.
Team size: 5 - 6 players (5 players , 1 optional substitute)

  1. Lobby details

4.1 All matches are created by the admins, no later than 10 minutes before the series starts.

— Lobby settings:

Game Mode: Captains Mode

Server Location:

Lobby Visibility: Public

Starting Team: Check rule 4.3 below

Enable Cheats: OFF

All Chat: ON

Fill Empty Slots with Bots: OFF

Spectators: Enable

Dota TV Delay: 5 minutes

4.2 Teams and players must be in the lobby 5 minutes before start to decide sides/first pick.

4.3 Choosing Side and Pick. Choosing Side or Pick is made by Automatic coin toss. ( If the automaticcoin toss doesn't work, we will manually pick it )

Best of Three

1st map - Coin toss winner chooses pick or side / opponent chooses from the remaining options.

2nd map - Coin toss loser chooses pick or side / opponent chooses from the remaining options.

3rd map - New coin toss; winner chooses pick or side / opponent chooses from the remaining options.

4.4. Spectators are not allowed in the lobby. Managers and other teams’ players are not allowed to be in the lobby. Only official casters are allowed to be in game lobby.

4.5. Pauses are not allowed except for technical reasons or sudden health issues. The team that pauses has to write in all chat the reason for the pause.

4.5. Total game duration – The game lasts until the winner is known. The winner is the team which destroys enemies Ancient or forces them to surrender.

4.7 If a game experiences a critical bug at any point during the match that significantly alters game stats or gameplay mechanics, or the external environmental conditions become untenable then a restart may occur. Acer Masters officials must determine that the bug is critical and verifiable.

— If a player believes she/he has experienced a critical bug, she/he must pause the game and alert a referee in a timely fashion.

— Remaking:

IF before first blood or 5 minutes (whichever comes first) game will be hosted in all pick and same heroes must be picked.

IF after first blood or 5 minutes (whichever comes first) game will be hosted in captain’s mode and teams will do a new draft.

4.8. Each team captain shall verify that every player on his/her team has finalized their intended game settings. Please resolve any problems that might occur before a match starts. Starting to play the match means that you agree with the pre-match situation.

4.9 Coaches may be behind the players during draft and discuss with the team during draft time only.

General Terms And Conditions

This applies to the confirmed teams for one of our LOCAL EVENT HELD

  1. Please come prepared on the time mentioned by the admins.

  2. If no transport / Accommodation is provided , Please arrange for own transport and accommodation to the venue.

  3. Be reminded that teams attending must be following the dress codes for Professional Egames athlete . ( Long Pants , Jersey / Non vulgar t-shirt / Polo -T and shoes / noslippers )

  4. Teams must follow any instructions from the admin on ground for any extra activities such as post game interview or team intro rehearsals ( except for anything that your team is not comfortable with may be discussed with us )

  5. These rules applies to the team management, friends, family and mutual relations partners accompanying the teams / players.


Failure to follow the schedule timing . Teams will be penalized in this order:

  1. 5 minutes : Penalty Level 1 for Ingame Draft ( DOTA 2 )

  2. 10 Minutes late : Penalty Level 2 for Ingame Draft ( Dota 2 )

  3. 15 Minutes late : Penalty Level 3 For Ingame Draft ( Dota 2 )

  4. 20 Minutes + : Disqualified from the match ( Free win to the opponent )

Failure to follow the dress codes for the event :

  1. 1st Warning : Will be asked to change to our provided ( shirt , Trousers and shoes )

* Please take note that the apparels may not be to your taste or fashion*

  1. 2nd Warning : Purposely not wearing according to the dress codes ( the team will be disqualified from the match )

  2. 3rd Warning : Will be banned from the tournament and any other future tournament held by Acer

Failure to report to the admins in case of emergencies ( not able to attend ) or player change /Team name changes / Logo changes :

  1. 1st Warning Team Changes : Team will be asked to play with full handicap of Penalty Level 3 ingame draft

  2. 2nd Warning Team Changes: Will be banned for any next tournament held by Acer

  3. 3rd Warning Team Changes: Will be banned for any next tournament held by Acer

The guidelines for reporting for such cases are as mentioned below :

  • Teams need to submit latest player change / Team name changes / Logo changes and inform the admins via any method necessary at least 2 week before the event and get the approval from the admins.

  • Teams need to inform the admin at least 2 week before the event their availability of attending the event and get the approval from the admin

  • Certain issues can be discussed with the admin in case of relevant cases that we may dismiss based on discussion and proof of said issue.





  1. Participation is at your own risk. PARTICIPANTS must follow the rules, use caution, and take care of PARTICIPANT'S own health. ORGANIZERS are not liable for any losses in relation to the event, directly or indirect, for example in case of a canceled event, electrical failure or similar.

  2. Each participation is a binding contract to abide by the rules or the ORGANIZERS will reserve the right to ban the participant.

  3. ORGANIZERS reserves the rights to without further notice change the rules.

  4. Each PARTICIPANT must follow the instructions from ORGANIZERS, and authorities, such as the security personnel, police, fire brigade, etc.

  5. Any losses on ground of personal items and such will not be redeemable by items of similar value or pinned the loss on the organizers at any given time or venue.

Reference Rules: Dota2 ESL